Monday, December 13, 2010

Pleabein Photoshoot

A friend asked how I went about setting up the pictures to be taken for my sculpture. It is magical and complicated procedure requiring the aid of many squirrels and the blessing of a mermaid pajama elf.

Okay, maybe not that complicated.

Here is how I did a quick, easy, plebeian setup to take pictures of Tulah.
I worked with two ideas:

1. A white background
2. Natural light. Regular house lights tend to cast a yellowed or blue light.

Now, this is where I cheat: I own a pretty sweet Nikon camera.

And this is where I ask you to not laugh to hard at my setup :

Paper near a window! 

I know I will look back one day and laugh as well. But until then (using my serious face) I am exploring the wonders of simplicity and the usefulness of mundane objects transformed into new and insightful tools.

-Cheers & Smiles-

Thursday, December 2, 2010


  Have you heard about the Elf daughter and the Fae prince?  They meet one night by chance, playing in a flower field.

Graceful and charming was he,
Clumsy and fair was Tulah.

You see, Tulah was always in
constant disagreement with her feet. 
They seemed to prefer tripping over each other while she would rather be able to just walk forward. Even worse while in the presence of a Prince. Much to his amusement.

“I know,  you are friends with me only to laugh at me.”

“Yes!” he agreed and laughed some more. “Meet me again tomorrow.”
Begrudgingly she showed up that tomorrow, and the evening afterwards.
For a full Summer. She started  to realize she rather liked him too.

One night he appeared later then usual.
“My prince, I must go. It is late and my sisters will worry--”

“I have a present for you.”

She smiled and forgave him immediately. Never had she received presents like her three fair younger sisters who had such agreeable feet. “Oh?”

“This gift I give to you only if you attend the Fae Fall dance tomorrow night.”

Her heart stopped, “An Elf among the Fae? I'll be laughed out! Please, ask something else of me.” She glanced at her feet. If only I could dance...

Prince smiled, “Tomorrow, I shall see you tomorrow and the gift will be yours.”

That very evening, Tulah confessed to her sisters. Surely they will stop this foolish elf. To her surprise they cheered and danced. Her youngest sister hugged her, “You must go, we insist!”

“Yes, yes! Wear this dress” said another and they swarmed her like bees to a flower.

When she was done up from head to toe they ushered her out the door with a farewell and a wave. She was half tempted to turn back but she thought of Prince and sighed “I suppose I should at least tell him myself, that I am unable to go.”

In the flower field Tulah found him there, waiting in in his formal ware. She could not meet his eyes and so she said to his perfect toes, “I'm sorry prince, my feet, they seem unable to cooperate. How can I attend?”

He smiled down at her, “but my lady, your feet and I are in agreeance.”
She looked up at last, confused.

Prince then pulled out the most loveliest pair of feathers shaped similar to fairy wings.

“Feathers from a dove who heard my plight of an earthbound Elf with two left feet. If you are not meant to walk, surely you are meant to fly. And if you are not able to fly then I suppose you will just have to keep hold of my hand.”

For once, Tulah and her feet agreed.

It's been quite the journey with this little elf. She came to life right before me! When I sat down to write her story,
it came upon me like a rush
(the pen could hardly keep up). 

I hope you enjoyed her progress and her super cheesy romantic story.