Friday, April 20, 2012


Surrounded by *DarkSunRose on deviantART

I'm Gwen Turner, an every day ex-librarian who has found herself in a crazy situation.

These two keep assuring me that they'll keep me alive.

I'm just wondering, as I am standing here scared out of my wits, how they define alive. Is it the "alive and she is still breathing" or the good kind of alive. With me still intact.

I realize now that "we" are not surrounded. Nope.

Just me.

Raza, Gwen, and Navar from my work in progress story "Dresidian". Started off as just a fun doodle but I couldn't seem to stop.

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Legend

The Legend by *DarkSunRose on deviantART

I grew up on Zelda, my Father use to wake me up just so I could watch him beat the temple boss. It was the first game that really captured my imagination with a hero that would save the princess and the journey we would helped him through.

My sister and I use to always wonder about the princess. Who was she? I would make up stories and always hope that one day she would be the sword wielder. I started this piece with a story in mind ((my own interpretation of the origins of Zelda)) before a friend revealed her disappointment in the story line of "Skyward Sword".

It was a BIG slap in the face to find out what the creators decided, and as a fan I am deeply disappointed in the direction of what they consider a prelude to the Zelda arc. There is so much potential, so many ways to incorporate the nostalgic ideas already presented in the world that we, the fans, love. (how many of you look for the similarities of what carries over and how they find themselves in the new world in each game? I do!)

Zelda, in every game, felt like a figure that held the world in her hands. As if guided by a higher purpose even if she didn't fully understand it herself, Zelda guided the hero with a plea, "Stop Gannon."

I asked myself, "why is it legend of ZELDA? What made her so important that every princess afterwards was named after her?"
Thus the inspiration for my fanart.

In my imagination, Zelda held the Light and Gannon the Darkness. They say to keep balance both are needed.

What if the original Gannon and Zelda were once friends who undertook a quest to help the three goddess keep Hyrule in balance. And at the end of their journey, it was Gannon who made the ultimate sacrifice -- to take all the darkness within himself to spare Zelda, knowing that he would die over and over as a figure that everyone would despise.

Zelda could never kill her friend and so created a hero (our Link!) that would rise up when ever Gannon would reawaken.

My imagination for the story holds a sadness, because in it..Gannon would be the only one who would remember the true legend of Zelda and their quest for balance. Zelda, in her light, would be reborn only holding her duty and compassion for a lost soul who must be stopped.

Hope you enjoy the piece! I know its just an interpretation, but it was fun to make up story to a game that has always held a special place in my heart.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hell's Time - sketch

Took a break today and this is what I sketched. Been working on a character that I want to include in my Dresdian project.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Zelda sketch

Before Link, there must have been a story for Zelda. Hence..."LEGEND OF" followed by Zelda. At least, in my imagination there is and thus the inspiration for my next fanart piece.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Super Girl fanart

I'm a big fan of seeing how a piece started and how it ended by artist I really admire. Something about seeing the thought process and choices they make as an artist that has my heart going pitter patter. It's a great source of inspiration and, as an artist is always a student, a wonderful way to keep learning.

So here are a two artist that looooooove to show their techniques:

Mr. Jack  and his peice Hilltop Encounter
Elsevilla and his livestreaming channel

My latest piece is a fanart of Super Girl. My knowledge is mostly limited to the animations with her in it but I still enjoy the idea of her character. Here is where this piece started and ended:

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sketch Dump

First post of the new year! Starting off by scanning a few pages of my sketchbook. -cheers-