Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Doll Project - Arg!

Last week was full of a lot of joy and also many speed bumps. First with the joy! I was surprised last week to find an email from Deviantart telling me that someone has purchased a 3 month premium membership for my account.

What floored me was it was by an artist I had admired from afar for many years. The great Hector Sevilla (aka Elsevilla)! So a shout out for Hector, your whimsical linework I drool over, your character designs I adore, Elsevilla Esvilla so kind you are. Thank you -hug-

Bump bump bump...

I baked my first sculpture! Ahh, to wait was hard. Back tracking, if you notice I added 10mm glass eyes. Looking at the sculpture for about 10 minutes, I ripped out the work done previously and smacked them on (took forever to get them just right). After baking, it allowed me to build on top of the face.

The boots were sculpted as well (the most fun part of all, haha). Ahhhh, now I can't wait to get to the stage of sewing her outfit. So where were the speed bumps? Speed bump #1: Didn't secure her head very well so it kept drooping. Fixing it so many times I finally had the courage to rip it completely off and work on the under-structure to fix the source of the problem. Speed bump #2: Cracks after baking. Nooooooo! Thankfully I had Magic Smooth on hand to repair. That is where I am at currently, adding a second layer of Prosculpt over the repaired areas. Now to look into Genesis Paint and maybe eyelashes.

Phew! So much to learn from. In other news, new website discovery. This place gives a lot of food for thought about art and business:

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Doll Project - Faces oh my!

Progress photos are fun, not just from artist that I admire, but taking them too! So here is my adventure so far:

Started with Magic Sculpt (it's the darker of the two sections) this weekend, MS is pretty neat! The draw back is that you have to have to wait about 12 hours for it cure completely. Worked out a skeletal form in the beginning (had to go back twice! Oi...the wait was cruel). Once I started with Prosculpt (using the Beige - Caucasian), time fleeeeew. Bulking out the form in the 2nd pic. Hope this sculpture turns out well when I bake...

To my left is the face of fail, ha. After the 4th attempt of starting a face I decided to let my frustration out by making myself laugh with an alien face.

I remember someone asking me how I went about creating a ceramic bust. The guy sounded really frustrated so my advice was this: Don't be angry!! Keep calm and make sure that you are enjoying what you are doing. Walk away, drink something delicious, treat yourself to a cookie. Check out a few artist and find out techniques that they use. Youtube is fun! So many artist like to share their love (artsy-lets-create-more-fun stuff love).

So, finally getting the groove on. Working with clay, I went about making faces using different ways (depending on my mood). Here is one way:


Need to ask someone how the whole premade eye thing goes about. Seen them inserted just not sure about how to pick one.  Well, here is where I am at currently. Just ordered some more prosculpt, now to wait anxiously to continue another day.

Oh, and her boobs looked smooshed. I plan on placing a corset on her so I am trying to achieve the boob/cleavage/corset shape. woooo!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

First Doll Project - Step 1

No kiln! What to do!? Researching over the internet I came across many wonderful doll sculpture artist (many of which are favored by this blog) that inspire my imagination. From a blog created by Natasha Red October (Morezmore), I learned of a product called Magic Sculpt and Pro Sculpt. My mind reeled with the possibilities (bouncing with excitement here). My fingers literally ITCH to sculpt that I am afraid of starting a tic in my fingers (ha!). 

Funny thing is, about a year ago I randomly picked up a magazine I'd usually pass over. In it they featured Virginie Ropars, a beautiful doll sculpture artist that instantly caught my attention. She mentioned that she enjoyed doing so many creative things - sculpt, fashion, sewing, etc - and that this helped bring them all together. I thought, "Wish I could do something like that! I wouldn't even know where to begin" and thus an example of me getting in the way of..well, me. Ha.

And so, a year later I am attempting something I once thought impossible. Poppy King was right when she said that doubting takes up time that is better spent learning.

My art desk is a bit messy now because of my enthusiasm of starting. Borrowed my Dad's power drill to start creating a base to work off of. Probably going to make tons of mistakes but I guess that is part of taking on something new (and exciting - eeeee). Got as far as making a skeleton structure as I await for my magical Magic Sculpt. 

Here is my doll idea: 
Includes lots of keys and a cage like dress (I can do it! >.<)
Inspiration: "I realized that I was the construct of my own cage"