Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone had a merry merry Christmas!
Ahhh, the holidays. Lots of festivities, family, friends, and COOKIES! I did some pretty crazy amount of baking this year. The year of cookie experimenting with new recipes. Nothing better then watching the people you care for eating the cookies you bake.

Had to take a picture, they were so pretty. And yummy. You can find the recipes I used here:
Gingerbread Cookies
Russian Tea Cookies
Peppermint Chocolate Chip
Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

Best part was having to sample all the cookies. My cookie quota this year has been filled. Good thing the new year is right around the corner.

One of the best parts about being an artist is the ability to make really personal handmade gifts.

One fun idea to add to gifts are hand painted ornaments :)  Paint images that make you think of the person and then top them by hooking the ornament to the wrapping.

My favorite handmade gift was for my little brother. We grew up playing Zelda so I decided to hand paint a wooden box with Zelda illustrations. Many days, many hours, were spent after work on this gift and I loved how it turned out (so did he, Yay!). Painted using acrylic and colored pencils.

Can't believe Christmas is over already. So much energy and time preparing for one day... I say it should at least be a three day event. Can't wait for the new year, I predict lots more art and more fun changes coming this way.


Monday, December 12, 2011

Sac Con Report

Happy Holidays! Sac con was Amazing. So much art love and creative people all rolled up in a one day event in Sacramento. I wasn't sure what to expect but there was a great turn out and I had the opportunity to talk with so many art enthusiast and anime lovers. Even met a guy who use to work for Pixar and he bought one of my art pieces!! And he can quote from the Hogfather (EXTRA exclamation points inserted here!)

A really big thank you to everyone who stopped by my table to say hello. It was great to see familiar faces and chat with friends.

I was even busting out some sketch commissions that day. My new trend is drawing a new fanart piece after each convention (all the fandom and cheer gets to me that I just need to revisit some nostalgic anime and show it some love).

This convention it was Utena, which means I will probably do an Utena marathon while working on the piece.

I am pretty messy sketcher, but it helps the creative flowing by not worrying about perfect lines. Here is a preview of the updated linework:

Working title for it is "Breaking Castles", because sometimes you have to let things break before you can let change in. My plan is to add in a crumbling castle and some merry-go-round horses.


***EDIT:  December 20th
The final of this piece can be found here: