Monday, June 20, 2011

Illustration Friday - "Launch"

I'm excited to participate with I.F. this week! The theme is "Launch" and I realized my Father's Day gift to my Dad was perfect for this topic.

Dad & I launching Zelda II

It depicts my most fondest memory of watching my father play Zelda. For hours, we would sit together as we battled to save the princess, it was how we bonded.

That bonding moment launched my path into loving video games, which in turn launched the direction for wanting to become an artist.

Love you Dad!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lots of Updates

June has been a crazy month of lots of art (woohoo!).  The album art I created for The Grand St. Stompers is now available here. Take a moment and listen to the crazy talented Orleans-style swinging hot jazz band. My friend Brandon (who is also a talented musician AND multi-media artist) and I have been working on creating limited edition prints to be sent out very soon.

Working on my second fanart piece: The Dampiel and the Three Sisters while also figuring out livestreaming. Not much to see yet, but my livestreaming channel can be found at The first go around, I had a random movie playing and ridiculous Pandora music (with ads - gaah!) in the background (sorry about that!).

The first completed Fanart: Dark Side of the Moon (tribute piece to the Sailor Moon series), is up on my Deviantart account (along with a WIP that shows the progress of how it was created). THAT was pure pleasure in creating - rare time in which everything went smoothly.

And lastly (and what I am exited about) is a sketch showing my next art doll sculpture! Many years back I did a commission of a priestess. Her design stayed with me and now I'd like to revisit her and update the idea through sculpture:


Friday, June 10, 2011

Sac Etsy Craft Party 2011

I didn't see the <3 when I filled in
the blank. How? No idea.
Today was the perfect warm summer day to attended my first Sac Etsy craft party (which I hear there have been two so far). Etsy puts on a global craft party where people from all over the globe organize a craft part in their local area on this day. You can read more about the global Etsy Craft party on their page here.

It was great to see so many creative people in one spot interested in many different areas. There were people who loved working with books, photographers starting up their own business, and crafters of all sorts.

For the local meetup I attended, it was organized as a fun gathering with food (most of which was delicious sugar) pot luck style, a photobooth accompanied with handmade props, mixed in with a time to trade supplies crafters didn't need or wanted to exchange.

Everyone was very friendly, and for this shy butterfly I found myself easily talking with everyone around. If your a crafter, etsy shop owner, or etsy supporter, this is a great time to socialize and meet new creative people in your area.

Oh! And I wanted to share one shop I learned about while I was there (thought it was really neat): Spoonflower

Sunday, June 5, 2011

VHD and SM fanart

Two fanarts in the works. I'm more into doing original work but after Fanime I was inspired to revisit two old anime series I was into. The first is from Vampire Hunter D, the scene with the three sisters. Oh yeah! And the last is from Sailor Moon, only I wanted her to look like she had more attitude. And yes, Venus has a whip. You know all those hearts they keep showing her with in the series? A cover up for her whip like tendencies.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fanime 2011 ~end~

At my table ready to go.
Big thank you to everyone who stopped by and said hello. It was a whirlwind weekend of little sleep, no breakfast, and having a crazy amount of fun talking with people who love art and anime.

There were a lot of great costumes that passed by my table. Took as many Avatar cosplay pics as I could!

I meet and talked with the great Gorgonist while I was there. A super sweet person who was kind to talk to me about her latest children's book and give great advice. Check out her beautiful illustrations on her blog.

Talked with a friend from the past, Megamoth, an artist AND an instructor in the ways of comics, manga, and anime!

Even got to chat with awesome con goers that remembered me from past cons. One was sporting the King from my Queen and King button set!

My favorite moment came from a girl who spotted a warning sign placed within my portfolio. It indicated that the next pictures contained nudity. She liked it so much she purchased it!

Drew on a few people. Woohoo! 
 Such as trollface on a Vampire Hunter D cosplayer's hand.

Bob and Tsukasa
Want to do a shout out to Bob and Tsukasa who are a part of Cafe Verfuhren. These two were the kindest people I talked with during my time at Fanime. I wanted to take the time to SPAM their kindness and their Japanese “Butler” and “Dansou” cafe that pampers their guest to treats and cuteness.

A big hug to my table neighbors, who were kind to give me food and provided laughter when we had to sit for hours on end. Thank you Emily and Danny! Learned a lot this year and I look forward to attending more conventions in the future.

Vampire Hunter D fanart