Wednesday, February 3, 2010

First Doll Project - Step 1

No kiln! What to do!? Researching over the internet I came across many wonderful doll sculpture artist (many of which are favored by this blog) that inspire my imagination. From a blog created by Natasha Red October (Morezmore), I learned of a product called Magic Sculpt and Pro Sculpt. My mind reeled with the possibilities (bouncing with excitement here). My fingers literally ITCH to sculpt that I am afraid of starting a tic in my fingers (ha!). 

Funny thing is, about a year ago I randomly picked up a magazine I'd usually pass over. In it they featured Virginie Ropars, a beautiful doll sculpture artist that instantly caught my attention. She mentioned that she enjoyed doing so many creative things - sculpt, fashion, sewing, etc - and that this helped bring them all together. I thought, "Wish I could do something like that! I wouldn't even know where to begin" and thus an example of me getting in the way of..well, me. Ha.

And so, a year later I am attempting something I once thought impossible. Poppy King was right when she said that doubting takes up time that is better spent learning.

My art desk is a bit messy now because of my enthusiasm of starting. Borrowed my Dad's power drill to start creating a base to work off of. Probably going to make tons of mistakes but I guess that is part of taking on something new (and exciting - eeeee). Got as far as making a skeleton structure as I await for my magical Magic Sculpt. 

Here is my doll idea: 
Includes lots of keys and a cage like dress (I can do it! >.<)
Inspiration: "I realized that I was the construct of my own cage"


  1. YES!! This is going to be GORGEOUS!! *o* I love your concept drawing, and truly cannot wait to see you start sculpting this beauty!! <3

    I am so excited for you, and want to keep supporting you in your creative endeavors! You can do it Missa!! xoxo

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! I am happy to see you are going to create a doll! Your conception drawing is wonderful and I know your doll will be too! Keep us posted on your progession!