Friday, April 16, 2010

Hair at last!

She is no longer a baldy - yay-
 Starting to wonder if I am posting to many progress pictures. With all the work I have going on she literally the only major art that I have been devoting time to. Sometimes, I'll be working and my eye will wonder over to what I wish I could spend all my time doing. One day I will! News: I am working part-time for an amazing music artist Dane Drewis. I feel happy that part of my week is spent helping talented and amazing people.

It was about 10:30 p.m. when I took the photos so the colors may be off. Her hair has been clipped back for now as I've been working on her dress. Sketching has really helped in planning out how her outfit will be placed together - like puzzle pieces - and I am working on the idea of layers to achieve a particular look. The top layer of the dress is just pinned in how I hope it will turn out (helpful in visualizing the next step).

A while back I found this pleather jacket at a thrift store and I have evil plans to (er, glorious plans), to create a top jacket as well as a cute hat.

More details.

In other news, it was Charlie Chaplin's birthday! He wrote one of my most favorite songs that always cheers me up. "You’ll find that life is still worthwhile... If you’ll just... Smile"


  1. You are definitely NOT posting too many progress shots! All your progress shots are enchanting and incredibly interesting. With each one my fingers itch to explore doll making as you are, but I fear I do not have the patience that you have to work on a detail until it's just right. You're doll thus for looks absolutely charming and I love watching her come to life.
    Does she have a name yet?

  2. Haha, good. Because they are fun to take too. I say go for it! Better to try and enjoy creating then to not find out.

    I keep playing around with a few name ideas, none that have been sticking. As I work on the details a story has been forming and once the story is more realized her name will emerge.

  3. WOW. This is... simply INCREDIBLE!!!! *0* I am completely floored. Your work is gorgeous and perfect!! You're an AMAZING seamstress for being able to work such a beautiful design on such a small scale... I don't know if I could do the same! Her beautiful hands and forearms covered in lace, and that epic flowing skirt like water overflowing from a fountain... *0* I am awe struck. Please PLEASE post more progress photos!! I cannot wait to see the rest of this develop!

  4. There is a bit more leeway in sewing this outfit since the plan is for her to wear it forever. The detail is fun to work with though! Every step feels like a learning process and I adore tedious details (even the ones no one will see at the end).

    Thank you Vani! Your words always help me move forward.

  5. Hi Melissa,
    She is stunning! Amazing work so far!! I love the progress shots-you can never have too many. Your costuming is really beautiful, I can't wait to see her completed and read her story.