Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Frenchmen St. Parade

At last! I have received my copy the album I helped do the layout work for. -dance-

Check out the artwork done by Tim Trapolin, isn't it beautiful? Makes you want to dance with all the vibrant colors he used. And here is the page I love most (there is my name, yeah-ha!):

Feels pretty great to be part of a project where everything comes together and you get to see the final result of everyone's hardwork. And the MUSIC! If you haven't heard of the New Orleans Moonshiners  yet you can check out their facebook page here. You'll love 'em!

What was fun with this project was working with Tim's artwork and finding ways use it around different parts of the CD layout. To do so, I selected a few of the musicians and edited them into different positions to keep the consistency of the style flowing. Added a splash of color to match the original and presto! It's amazing what you can do with one art piece and how you can recreate it to make fun layouts.  Take a look inside:


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