Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Getting ready for Fanime

As I am frantically getting everything ready for Fanime (picture scissors thrown about, excess paper trimmings, plastic, pretzels...) I thought I'd take the time to share my newbie experience.

Having an artist table and prepping for one is definitely something you never feel completely ready for (unless your pretty awesome in delegating your time). You reach a point where you go "I've done all I can so it's now or never!" And I hope you all opt for now. I was lucky and had pretty awesome friends that took the leap with me when I first tried (keep in mind, I have only had 2 artist tables so far. n.e.w.b.i.e...). Or better to say I had an awesome brave friend who is always the first to go out and conquer (Allie, I'm looking at you!). 

We both ventured into the unknown of elite crowd of professional artist savvy table holders. Oh yeaaaah! Or at least back then, in my mind it was that mysterious and cool. When you hop in you realize that it's a bunch of creative artist who are just trying to figure out everything too. Which is great because it means it's your chance to learn what they know, chat, and make new friends.

Now I'm slapping myself in the face for not attending more often, but I am correcting that by taking a positive direction now. Around the end of 2010, I had a goal: "I'm going to attend Fanime 2011!" At the time,  covered in a mountain of work to get done, I had no idea how I was going to accomplish it only the resolve of "it's going to happen. I'll make it happen."

I'm realizing it's the key ingredient to everything you want to happen. Will power and positive thinking.

Now, there were times I thought I was way over my head (part of me still does) and I keep having those pesky fears: Not enough new work, wont have enough items in general, how am I going to balance getting my work work done (with deadlines looming), not good enough, etc., etc...

BUT, I had to smack those fears aside. Counter it with blazing awesome rationale. Why am I going? To meet new artist, to have fun, to learn, and to talk to people who love art.

None of my fears meshed with the objective. Not enough new work? BAh-hum-bug, this event is to propel me to start making new artwork, not just for the event. Not enough stuff? Who cares! Have fun talking with everyone and learn. Work Work? I want it, so I'll have to make time.

I read an article that gave really good advice about resistance, they said to stop feeding the monster. Look, there will be a hundred reasons why you can't make it happen and there will be the one reason why you can. Passion/love/call it what you want but it's the one reason you should be feeding instead of all the No's.

 So, fast forward to three days before the big event. I am still no where near ready, but the journey has been fun. Doing a lot of last minute packaging and printing but I've already decided it will all work out. Even the stuff that hasn't been figured out, it will all come together.

Woke up at 7 this morning to hit up a downtown print shop and made some new friends (puppy above). He was just sprawled out in the front ready to give affection to all the customers. Also, a shout out to TC Graphics, the woman who helped me was so kind with helping me make all the illustrations look wonderful printed.

When you sign up to be an artist at artist alley, you'll find that getting ready for it will be as fun as attending the event.

There were times I said "Your not ready!? Why did you sign up?" only to realize that by doing so it pushed me to get more things done creatively.

The artist behind TeacupBee Creations. I have a face!
And yes there is a naked doll behind me.
I'll be seeing you at Fanime 2011 Artist Alley!


  1. my mother loves the avatar bookmark! thanks again!

  2. Thank you Nick for stopping by my table and saying hi! Glad your Mom likes the bookmarker -cheers-

  3. I love this post! Seeing you prep everything and all of your cute packaging and illustrations! Most of all, your positivity and drive and hard work have really lit a flame of inspiration in me! Whatever you want in life, you can do it!! You're miraculous. Keep it up! You inspire me ceaselessly! <3