Thursday, October 27, 2011


and in the LAND of TEA, there was an addict
Who drank TEA all day long
And even wore TEA

Because there shall be non other then the greatness of TEA
And so, there were TEA birds and TEA clouds
And it was a good day

Did I mention I love Tea? Have you drank this stuff? It's amazing!
Quick 2 hour illustration created for Illustration Friday.

Theme: FUEL,


  1. I am drinking tea at this very moment and yes, I drink it to refuel after a long day! Love your illustration!

  2. Someone likes Winsor MacKay, I bet?

  3. @ code mush - cheers to a fellow tea drinker! Thank you for the comment and I can relate, nothing like soothing tea to start and end a day.

    @ goslarysuje - Thank you!

    @ DSM - I am sadden to say I didn't recognize the name, but I looked his work up and am happy that my work reminds you of Winsor. His art is lovely!

  4. This is really cool! I love the effect of all those tea cups flying subtly or stacked all around the edges. Nice!

  5. This is so nice I like the way you incorporated tea into loads of things :) Great Illustration :D

  6. Wonderful illustration! I love the flying tea cups and her tea cup headband. Very nicely done! :)