Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lots of Updates

June has been a crazy month of lots of art (woohoo!).  The album art I created for The Grand St. Stompers is now available here. Take a moment and listen to the crazy talented Orleans-style swinging hot jazz band. My friend Brandon (who is also a talented musician AND multi-media artist) and I have been working on creating limited edition prints to be sent out very soon.

Working on my second fanart piece: The Dampiel and the Three Sisters while also figuring out livestreaming. Not much to see yet, but my livestreaming channel can be found at The first go around, I had a random movie playing and ridiculous Pandora music (with ads - gaah!) in the background (sorry about that!).

The first completed Fanart: Dark Side of the Moon (tribute piece to the Sailor Moon series), is up on my Deviantart account (along with a WIP that shows the progress of how it was created). THAT was pure pleasure in creating - rare time in which everything went smoothly.

And lastly (and what I am exited about) is a sketch showing my next art doll sculpture! Many years back I did a commission of a priestess. Her design stayed with me and now I'd like to revisit her and update the idea through sculpture:


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