Friday, June 10, 2011

Sac Etsy Craft Party 2011

I didn't see the <3 when I filled in
the blank. How? No idea.
Today was the perfect warm summer day to attended my first Sac Etsy craft party (which I hear there have been two so far). Etsy puts on a global craft party where people from all over the globe organize a craft part in their local area on this day. You can read more about the global Etsy Craft party on their page here.

It was great to see so many creative people in one spot interested in many different areas. There were people who loved working with books, photographers starting up their own business, and crafters of all sorts.

For the local meetup I attended, it was organized as a fun gathering with food (most of which was delicious sugar) pot luck style, a photobooth accompanied with handmade props, mixed in with a time to trade supplies crafters didn't need or wanted to exchange.

Everyone was very friendly, and for this shy butterfly I found myself easily talking with everyone around. If your a crafter, etsy shop owner, or etsy supporter, this is a great time to socialize and meet new creative people in your area.

Oh! And I wanted to share one shop I learned about while I was there (thought it was really neat): Spoonflower

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