Thursday, October 28, 2010

Album Cover - sketches

LOVE this time of the year in California. The air is crisp,  the leaves are changing colors, AND you get to wear scarves! It's a feeling of change.

Been working on an album cover, creating many many sketches. These were the initial ideas for the font and back cover (not sure they will be used):


  1. I love your sketches so much! My fave is the second :)

  2. very sophisticated covers! Is it final product?

  3. Thank you Vani -hug- Nothing like drawing a pair of heels, haha.

    Nadiia! I was just admiring your Red Riding Hood. I'm glad you enjoy these two. They are preliminary sketches for the cover. Sadly, these two will not be the cover art. Working on a new set! Hopefully they will be used in some way.