Monday, October 18, 2010

SketchBomb - First meet up

Sketchbomb held it's first meeting in Sacramento this October
at Tupelo Coffee House and it was pretty awesome. While drinking some delicious coffee, I was able to talk and sketch along with some amazing artist (here are just a few):

Mike Henry    
DJ Welch
Hainanu Saulque

Look! It's me sketching.
I think what made this event even more special are the moms that brought their kids, makes me teary to think how supportive they are. One kid blew me away with his talent, can't wait to see what amazing stuff he will create in the future. Anyhoo, here are the sketches I made that night:

October meetup sketches by *DarkSunRose on deviantART

Found out about another group called Drink and Draw that I plan on attending this Thursday.


  1. Wow! These groups sound AMAZING! I kind of wish I knew where to look for them in LA...

    Beautiful work as always, and you look so dainty sitting there with your sketchbook. Missa you are SO inspiring! It's making my heart go pitter-patter <3

  2. Hello dear Melissa! I am so glad I stopped by this morning to visit...and received a treat of all see...YOU!! As much as I love seeing the artist's work, the sparkle is added when I can see the face behind the creations. (Even though I am always BEHIND my own!)
    Your sketches are just so wonderfully diverse. I can see you had a marvelous, Rose
    p.s. Your costuming is superb. Hidden detailing is excellent practice for honing your craft!!!

  3. Rose,
    Your words always make my day brighter as does seeing your new creations. Thank you for stopping by and for your comment. It makes me want to work even harder on those details I enjoy doing.